Holobod Data Now

Holobod uses Data Now technology which simply means that we will return the information you want, based on where you are, and what you are doing.
No need to search for information near you, it is there, ready and waiting for you.

We also make sure that your information is available on any device you are using. PC, Tablet, Smartphones such as Windows/iPhone/Android...

Holobod : Homes Location Based Results

Ever driven up to a dream house and wanted more information?

With Holobod : Homes you can get information about a house, view the interior, contact the Realtor© or even go on a guided virtual tour with the Realtor©.

Simply start the program, and Holobod : Homes will display the house information for you based on your location.

Holobod : Homes Guided Virtual Tours

Open Houses will never be the same again with Holobod : Homes.

Our Virtual Agents will follow you around the house and provide aditional information or direct you to a point of interest.

If at any time you have a question, simply tap the Chat button and ask the Realtor© a question.

You can also save notes for yourself, so after viewing all your open houses that day, you can review what you thought.

Holobod : Homes Customizable Searches

Want to search for something more than (Price, #beds, city)?

We let you customize your search area to the exact parts of town you are interested in.
You can create a custom geographic area, or multiple. Great if you have a few ideal locations and want to wait for the dream house to appear.

We also allow you to search on any data field (such as houses in a certain school area, or houses below assessed value).

All searches allow Notifications by text message, so you can get information the second your dream home becomes available without having the app running.

Holobod Automation

Why not let the digital world work for you?

With our automation services built into every product, our digital avatars can work while you live your life.
Let them do your day-to-day tasks such as: Booking appointments, placing advertisements for you on external sites, remembering events, or gathering information from the net into an easy to use form for you.

The days of being forced to interact with multiple websites are coming to an end... with automation.


With our automation services built into every product, our digital avatars can work while you live your life.

Data Now

Get information based on where you are and what you are doing. Let us make your searches simple.

Augmented Reality

Experience the world as never before.
We unleash the power of your cell phone, and make the physical objects around you come to life.


Holobod provides a growing set of integrated products. Our primary product is Holobod:Homes